Who We Are

Castle Group Health Inc., a privately held corporation and the parent of Healthinsure.com, is an Insurance Agency located in Northbrook, Illinois.  Over the past several decades we have flourished into a full service benefit consultancy servicing clients in more than 22 states.

Our company was built on the premise that clients get the best value through information and education, not just low rates.  Therefore we strive to make the complexities of insurance easier to understand and we pride ourselves on having an informed customer base of over 1500 clients.

Because we are paid through our carriers, our clients pay nothing for our expert guidance.  In addition to receiving world class professionalism and service, clients also benefit from many other value added tools and services geared to help them succeed.

female rep holding whiteboard with company message

A Rare Breed

We know you can get insurance just about anywhere today. But where do you go for answers? Trustworthy advice, i.e., true insurance expertise, is a valuable commodity that is getting harder to come by, especially in our constantly changing and somewhat volatile healthcare reform landscape.

At HealthInsure.com, we consider ourselves a select group. Many of our benefit consultants have been with the company since it’s beginning and has, on average, over 20 years of licensed health and benefit experience. We are continually educating ourselves and staying abreast of new laws, regulations and trends that are constantly emerging in the insurance industry.

We provide answers, not JUST quotes. When it comes to insurance, you have many options. But with something as important as your health, why not talk to one of our trusted experts? We can help you navigate through your plan options, subsidies and/or exemptions you may qualify for, as well as help you avoid penalties.

We don’t just focus on customer service, we’re
passionate about it!

With technology outpacing just about every business out there, we believe it is more important than ever to be customer centric.

Imagine the knowledgeable, prompt and courteous sales associates of the most prestigious high-end department stores and you’ll get a clear picture of the type of service we deliver.  We ARE the Nordstrom’s of insurance agencies.  In fact, our commitment to personal service is unparalleled in the industry and the cornerstone of our success.

– We operate on the core principal that being accessible and responsive to our clients is our first priority.

-We actually answer our calls and have live interaction with our clients.

-Satisfying our clients’ needs is even more evident after a policy purchase, as we continue to assist them in claims questions, problem resolutions, or checking the market to make sure they always have what is best for their needs.

Our Carriers