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Healthcare Reform

The Afffordable Care Act (ACA), requires that every U.S. citizen or legal resident have health insurance, either through their employer or an individual policy or potentially face a large tax penalty. Employers with more than 50 full- time employees are required to provide health insurance to employees. Indviduals and Employers may purchase health insurance through the Federal Exchange in which they may qualify for a tax credit (premium discount). We are ACA Certified and can help you help determine if you qualify for the subsidy or tax credit, and then help you secure health insurance with your subsidy.

If the Government options are not right for you, we can also help you with a selection of affordable benefits outside of the Exchange. For more information, visit our Individual page or Group page.

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Group Health Industry Links

As a Group Benefit client of, employers will have access to an arsenal of tools designed to help them keep up with the tedious tasks of running an employee benefit plan.

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Industry Links for Individual Insurance

We represent individuals and seniors in eight states, and have provided the following industry links to help you with the major purchase of health insurance.