MISLEADING NOTICE FROM BLUE CROSS OF ILLINOIS to clients that renew January 1, 2018. 

We are sending out this bulletin to let you know that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has sent out a notice, dated September 22, 2017 that can be misleading or concerning.  The Notice says that “YOUR (Plan) WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE after December 31, 2017.

While the notice is factually true, it does not mean you are being cancelled. What is does mean is the following:

  • Your plan number is changing.

  • Your copays for office visits, deductible, or maximum out of pocket amounts may change slightly to reflect the actuarial tables for identifying Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze plans in 2018.

Be advised that this year, OPEN ENROLLMENT GOES ONLY FROM NOVEMBER 1 through December 15th.

Although Blue Cross has not yet released the 2018 rates or plan benefits summaries we do have some general overviews.   Here is a preview of the plans offered in 2018.*

Blue Choice Plans.  Only 4 plans on exchange.
All 3 non-HSA’s with a $7350 out of pocket max.  One off-exchange plan for BCE.
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Blue Precision HMO’s.  Down from 4 to 3 plans on Exchange.
One plan off exchange (OE).  All plans now with a $7350 out of pocket.
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BlueCare Direct HMO’s with Advocate:
-This is where the biggest changes will be occurring.
-We believe that Advocate plans will be going up in price substantially.
-We believe that that Advocate BlueCare direct plans will be limited to only one medical plan,
a Silver BCH plan.
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*These short summaries may contain inaccuracies.  Until we have details and pricing, we are unable to speak to any specifics towards your coverage options or what you will be migrated to.  It is important to be proactive to help us help you.

If you do something independently, please make sure you select us as your agent entering in our ID information.  It costs you nothing additional and is the only way we can help you throughout the year if you have a problem. 

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  • Jeff Greenberg ID: jeffgr30: NPN 1919871