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For over 25 years, Healthinsure.com has provided thousands of consumers with real value through FREE expert, one-on-one, old fashion customer service.  Go ahead and call us.  Really, we answer our phones!

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We are not just a website without a face.  We have on-site benefit consultants who have an average of 30 years of licensed health and benefit experience and training, and have been with Healthinsure.com for more than 20 years.  Try to top that!

Why does it matter?

Consumers can go anywhere for quotes.  As insurance premiums have become less affordable over the years and regulations more complicated, we firmly believe the old way doing benefits has to go.  To find the right coverage while controlling costs and remaining compliant, employers and individuals need a dedicated benefit specialist (that’s us) who go far beyond what most agencies offer.  We think outside-the box and are not afraid to challenge the status quo in our client’s best interest!

Healthinsure.com was established in 1995. We serve the employer and individual market in 26 states.  We advise on the following types of health and welfare benefits:

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How we got your back.

  • Unbiased approach and access to products from many top carriers
  • FREE HR Library to keep you compliant

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Our Top Health Insurance Carriers

Over the past 25 years, HealthInsure.com has built strong relationships with all of the top carriers in our service areas and we leverage those relationships to our clients’ advantage.  This also allows us to be completely unbiased in our search for solutions that fit our clients’ needs.

We Are Licensed in 26 States

We provide Group and Individual Insurance across the US:

  • Arizona Health Insurance

  • Arkansas Health Insurance

  • California Health Insurance

  • Colorado Health Insurance

  • Florida Health Insurance

  • Georgia Health Insurance

  • Illinois Health Insurance

  • Indiana Health Insurance

  • Iowa Health Insurance

  • Kentucky Health Insurance

  • Maine Health Insurance

  • Massachusetts Health Insurance

  • Michigan Health Insurance

  • Minnesota Health Insurance

  • Missouri Health Insurance

  • New Jersey Health Insurance

  • New York Health Insurance

  • North Carolina Health Insurance

  • Ohio Health Insurance

  • Oklahoma Health Insurance

  • Pennsylvania Health Insurance

  • Tennessee Health Insurance

  • Texas Health Insurance

  • Utah Health Insurance

  • Virginia Health Insurance

  • Wisconsin Health Insurance


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