We invite you to explore our website.  We know you will conclude that we are not your typical insurance agency.  As trained and certified health insurance specialists our job is to develop and uncover solutions that fit your needs, and then thoroughly explain your best options to you.  Our goal is to inform and advise you, not sell you.

Where We Work

We serve the Employer market in 22 states, and serve the Individual market in eight states.  We are headquartered in the Chicago Metropolitan area and have an affiliate office in Arizona.  Our  primary focus areas are Illinois, Indiana, Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Georgia and Texas.  We are Certified in the Federal Exchange, and can help you secure the tax subsidy (premium discount) if you qualify.

How We Work

We believe that being informed is the best way you can save money on employee benefits and health insurance.  However, many clients are often surprised when we tell them there is never a fee for our expert guidance.  Most are unaware that carrier commissions are built into insurance rates, whether you use an Agent or not.

What We Do

For nearly thirty years, HealthInsure.com has advised businesses and individuals on how to select the best possible insurance for their particular needs and circumstances. With pertinent and unbiased, easy-to-understand plan information, our clients are able to intelligently weigh cost against value, and value against needs.

And, unlike other insurance websites, we are not a site that masks as a quote provider with the intention of selling your name to various different agents. We are a real agency with on-site benefit consultants who have an average of over 20 years of licensed health and benefit experience and training. We advise on, and help our clients with, the major purchase the following types of health and welfare benefits:

  • Group Health and Employee Benefits

  • Individual & Family Health

  • Life & Disability Insurance

  • Dental & Vision Plans

  • Voluntary Benefits

  • Supplemental Insurance

  • Short Term Health

  • Travel Insurance

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Value Added Services

A primary focus of HealthInsure.com is to provide clients leading edge expertise and
resources to make their business more efficient, productive and compliant.

Did you miss the enrollment deadline?

New health laws mandate that all individuals have health insurance, either through an individual policy or through their employer or face a potential penalty.  However, individuals can only purchase policies during the annual open enrollment of

November 1st through January 31st.

You can still sign up for Health Insurance after the deadline if you meet any of the following qualifying events.

Change in legal marital status.
A change in the number of dependents.
A change in place of residence and the current carrier is not available.
Significant cost or coverage changes.
A change in coverage of a spouse or dependent.
A COBRA qualifying event.
Judgments, decrees or orders.
Entitlement to Medicare or Medicaid

Do you qualify for a Tax Subsidy?

New healthcare laws allow qualifying individuals and families to receive a tax credit towards their monthly health insurance premium.  In order to receive the discount, you must purchase your health insurance through the Federal Exchange.

We quote carriers both on and off the Exchange.

Latest HR and Healthcare News

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Health Care Reforms Updates

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