Considering a New Benefits Broker?

It’s always a good time for a second opinion on your benefit programs and it’s not as time-consuming as you think.

Are you in the middle of open enrollment?  Or wrapping up open enrollment?  Even in the busiest of times, surveys show a second opinion on your benefits might be worth your time.  When asked, many employers reveal they are simply not happy with their current benefits broker. Unfortunately, broken promises, lack of attention, sub-par service, and not being available to return calls or help employees navigate unexpected life situations, are too common these days.  Fortunately, making a change to the right broker, a strong partner and advocate, can provide the increased service, support, education, and platforms that make enrollment and management painless for all.

Changing brokers is not as hard as you think—we make it easy.

Mark Gurda, President Castle Group Health

Rest assure that changing your broker does not require a lot of paperwork, time, or even major changes to your current benefits package.  With the right broker, any changes made to your benefits plan should be easily accomplished without disrupting your internal processes or employee’s experience.  The right broker values their client’s needs and goals.  We know it’s a busy time, but we will make it so easy you will wonder why you didn’t make a switch sooner. 

Reasons to Consider a Change

If you feel your current broker is not a strategic-thinking proactive problem solver, or doing enough to optimize your benefits package, then changing brokers is for you.  It is simply never too late to make that change to a strong advocate and trusted partner that will always have your company’s and employees’ best interest in mind.  


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